6 Salons Providing a Glowy Spray Tan in Annapolis!

Spray tans are a great way to achieve natural-looking, beautiful sunless tans. These salons offering a spray tan in Annapolis provide state-of-the-art tanning services to clients, helping them achieve the ideal bronzed skin they’ve always wanted. 

6 Salons for Spray Tan in Annapolis – Achieve That Bronzy, Glowy Look You Desire

Beyond the Beach Tanning Spa

2049 West Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

Beyond the Beach Tanning Spa is a state-of-the-art, independently-owned and operated spa in Annapolis that features the world’s finest tanning beds. There are no membership fees or enrollment fees. The Beyond the Beach Tanning Spa brings high-pressure tanning and the latest spray tan booth technology. 

Additionally, it is rated one of the top 100 salons in the country, with over 20 years of proven results. Beyond the Beach Tanning Spa features Ultrabronz sunbeds and Mystic HD sunless booths that deliver superior results.

Spray Tan Annapolis

703 Giddings Ave

Annapolis, MD

Spray Tan Annapolis is the premier tanning salon in Annapolis, offering clients the best products and technology. Moreover, product lines at Spray Tan Annapolis use only the finest ingredients, ensuring natural-looking color without streaks commonly associated with spray tans. 

With a convenient location and years of positive experiences, Spray Tan Annapolis is a great place to look your best. Rapid Tan is a signature custom blended tan with house setting powder. The Hyaluronic Acid Infused Tan is a custom blend with high-grade Hyaluronic Acid that helps the tan stay longer by hydrating the skin.

A woman in black lace and chain lingerie stands holding her straps around string lights and foliage in a studio spray tan annapolis

Palm Beach Tan

2556 Solomons Island Road

Annapolis, MD 21401

The tanning experts at Palm Beach Tan provide state-of-the-art sunbeds, spray tan booths, and skincare products. They also possess all the tools and expertise needed to give clients the perfect tan. Beauty Consultants can also help clients feel confident in their skin. 

Sunbed tanning is the ultimate tanning experience, and clients can customize their color with amazing indoor tanning systems that include luxury features like face and shoulder tanners, aromatherapy, air conditioning, and much more. 

Two Bronzed Babes

Two Bronzed Babes in Annapolis originated from a love of beautiful, glowing skin without sacrificing skin health. This sister-led team aims to serve the Baltimore and Annapolis area, bringing luxury salon services right to clients’ doors. They believe that luxury beauty services don’t need to only happen at the salon. Customers can experience the joy of tanning right in their own homes.

Two Bronzed Babes’ clients feel amazing as they enjoy carefully-selected, exceptional solutions and products that are safe and natural with minimal additives. Furthermore, Two Bronzed Babes has taken the time to listen to clients, customizing a mix that works best with each person’s unique skin to create the perfect glow.

A woman in lace lingerie sits amongst tropical foliage in a studio

Even Keel Spa

31 Old Solomons Island Road

Annapolis, MD 21401

Even Keel Spa in Annapolis provides many unique tanning experiences to clients. The Glow and Go Rapid Rinse Tan is perfect for the on-the-go person who doesn’t have time for a long tanning session. The Blushing Bride package includes a clear solution with no bronzer, perfect for brides or anyone attending an event where they plan to wear a light outfit. 

The Red Carpet Treatment is the ultimate tanning package, with a premium solution used by countless celebrities. This is also the perfect tanning experience for a long-lasting tan. Lastly, The Starlett Classic Tan includes a custom color mix to fit clients’ unique needs and goals!

Jackie’s Design Hair & Skin Studio

4 Annapolis Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

Finally, Jackie’s Design Hair and Skin Studio is a boutique salon in historic West Annapolis, where masters of beauty provide clients with fantastic beauty services. This salon began in 2017 and is the ultimate beauty retreat for clients, where they can receive personalized hair and skin care. 

Spray tanning is an easy way to achieve natural-looking tan skin that you can be proud of. Additionally, the team was trained by Fantasy Tan and provided the most beautiful sunless tans without using harmful chemicals.

Spray Tan Annapolis

In conclusion, these salons offering a spray tan in Annapolis give clients fantastic opportunities to achieve glowing, sun-kissed skin without sitting out in the sun’s harmful rays. Clients can enjoy various tanning services to help them achieve the bronzed look they’ve always wanted. 

So now that you found the perfect studio to keep yourself feeling like a goddess, it’s time for your boudoir session! I love helping woman feel confident and strong in each session. But that confidence doesn’t start with the photos. So for more Annapolis area boudoir prep tips, head to the blog links below. Then reach out today to chat about your dream boudoir session!

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