Find Your Perfect Boudoir Outfit at Cherry Blossom Intimates in MD!

When it comes to boudoir photoshoots, the energy and confidence you bring into the room are the true heart and soul of your pictures. But a few pieces of sexy, flirty lingerie are a delicious cherry on top. Whether you prefer lace, leather, or satin, the right piece of intimate apparel can really bring a little edge or a sensual dynamic to your pics. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect piece to wear to your boudoir photoshoot, or even if you’re looking for something special to spice up a date night, I highly recommend shopping at Cherry Blossom Intimates in Glenarden, MD. Their store is committed to inclusivity and empowerment. Plus, I love the way they honor every body type, skin tone, and even cancer status. Keep reading to find out more! 

About Cherry Blossom Intimates

Cherry Blossom Intimates is a black- and women-owned store nestled into the charming town of Glenarden, Maryland. Co-founded by Jasmine Jones, Miss District of Columbia USA 2016, and board-certified cancer surgeon Dr. Regina Hampton, Cherry Blossom Intimates is a hidden gem that celebrates the essence of femininity and self-expression with its extensive array of intimate garments that are inclusive of all women. It has become a haven where all of their customers can feel celebrated, confident, and beautiful. 

They also specialize in lingerie for women who have undergone breast surgery. Offering an array of post-mastectomy bras, breast forms, and prostheses. Owner Jasmine Jones grew up watching her grandmother battle breast cancer and then struggle to find mastectomy prosthetics that matched her skin tone. Jasmine was then inspired to create a dignified experience for all women, no matter their bra size, skin color, or cancer status. 

A woman in blank lace lingerie holds her high heel while kneeling on a white couch


When I say that Cherry Blossom’s size inclusivity is expansive, I mean it. They offer bras in over 200 sizes with cup sizes from A through O and band sizes 28 through 56. They truly have a treasure trove of intimate apparel, showcasing a diverse selection of bras, panties, sleepwear, loungewear, and more. Plus, their expertise in fitting sets them apart from other intimates stores. Their compassionate and highly knowledgeable fitters take the time to get to understand each customer’s preferences and unique needs, providing personalized fittings that ensure every woman finds the perfect size and style to accentuate her natural beauty. 

When it comes to their lingerie, Cherry Blossom Intimates carries everything from delicate and feminine floral chemises and bra & panty sets to elegant lace teddys and wickedly sexy bodysuits. There is something to make every woman feel downright sultry. They give that extra confidence boost that you deserve to feel. Whether in front of the camera or in the bedroom. 

A woman kneels on a leopard rug in front of a mirror in black lace lingerie cherry blossom intimates


I truly believe that while Cherry Blossom Intimates’ wide array of products alone is worth shopping with them. But the fact that so much of their business is dedicated to helping women embrace their bodies and embrace themselves is undoubtedly worth celebrating and supporting. Their commitment to showcasing models of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities is challenging societal beauty standards and redefining what it means to feel confident and sexy!

Cherry Blossom Intimates

If you have already booked your boudoir photoshoot with me, I highly encourage you to check out Cherry Blossom Intimates for an ensemble or two to feature in your photos. If you’re contemplating booking a shoot, maybe swing by their store first to get a little sexy inspo! Or, even if you’re just looking for a new bra or piece of loungewear, stop by. Whatever excuse you need, just be sure to support this amazing business! 

Once you have that perfect outfit, why not schedule some stunning boudoir portraits? I’m a Southern Maryland photographer who loves helping women feel beautiful and strong. A session like this can be scary. But it can also be therapeutic and a powerful confidence boost to feel beautiful. If you’ve been considering scheduling a session, then I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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