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Few things are better than a positive and empowering bra shopping experience, but they are often hard to come by. á la mode intimates in Annapolis, MD is a fabulous shop dedicated to helping every woman find the right undergarments for her unique body in colors, fabrics, and styles that will make you feel downright gorgeous. Let me tell you a little about why they’re one of my favorite lingerie and intimate stores in the area! 

About á la mode intimates 

Two best friends, Patti and Sharon, own á la mode intimates, and they opened the store after retiring from the Maryland Judiciary. Fun fact: their other business idea centered around kayaking, but their frustration at the lack of fashionable bras for larger cup sizes won out! They chose the name á la mode intimates because the French phrase translates to “in the fashion” (I know, I associate it with dessert and ice cream, too) and represents their mission to carry the latest and most fashionable pieces in the lingerie and intimates market. 

The store’s mission is to make shopping for bras and other intimate apparel a relaxing experience, with soft background music and appealing, relaxing scents of vanilla and fresh flowers that make you feel like you’re walking into somewhere truly welcoming. Whether you shop in person at their Annapolis or Fells Point boutiques or on their website, you’ll find a beautiful variety of intimates from top brands in a vast array of sizes to fit every body.

A woman in black lace lingerie lays on a cheetah print blanket in a studio a la mode intimates


Whether shopping for a practical, everyday t-shirt bra or something a little more scandalous for your boudoir photoshoot, á la mode intimates has plenty of pieces in various textiles, colors, and styles. They have many different bras that serve different purposes, like strapless for that sexy date night dress hanging in your closet or a comfortable (but chic!) lace bralette that easily transitions from daytime to nighttime. 

In addition to bras and underwear, á la mode also carries cozy sleepwear, adorable swimwear and cover-ups, maternity and nursing bras, shapewear, and much more. If you’re browsing their website, be sure to check out their lingerie pages to find the perfect piece(s) that will have you feeling confident in your irresistible curves, whether you’re prepping for a boudoir photoshoot or just need to reignite that spark in your soul!

A woman in a black fishnet one-piece arches her back while laying on a white blanket in a studio a la mode intimates


If you’ve ever had a bra fitting at any intimate store, you probably know it can be an awkward experience that doesn’t always result in a better fit. At á la mode, their bra fitting services are second to none. They take the time to train every associate with an intensive bra fitting course, ultimately ending in official certification. 

Plus, the women who work at their stores constantly educate themselves on brands, industry standards, and research so they can best serve each individual customer and find the exact bra that meets her needs. Basically, when you shop at á la mode, you’re getting the best possible service from bra and intimates experts who know firsthand the importance of finding a bra that is comfortable, beautiful, and fits you properly!

á la mode intimates 

á la mode intimates is a wonderful place to shop for high-end intimates in all sizes. If you’ve already booked your boudoir shoot, be sure to check them out as you’re contemplating which outfits to wear. Or if you start shopping and get inspired to give boudoir a try, I’m ready to schedule you for the shoot of a lifetime! So let’s do it! 

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